This article explains how you can join an event which requires a personal verification code to enter the challenge. This code is typically provided on completion of the registration process. Please check this article when you want to join a public challenge (without verification code).

Joining a private event/challenge

You can join a private event by either going to the event page and clicking the Join button or by clicking on a direct registration link you might have received from the event organization. Most events send out personal invite links which include your personal join code, so make sure not to share those links :).

General Process

To start the process, click the join link you have received by either sodisp or your event organizer when you were invited to join the challenge.

Step 1: create an account

The first step is to create an account. You can either enter a username and password or connect using one of the available direct integrations to popular fitness platforms.

Already have a sodisp account? Simply login with the same authentication method you used when creating an account to continue with step 2.

Step 2: connect with the event/challenge (optional)

Most organizers include your personal verification code directly in the join link which will allow you to skip this step automatically.

However, you might get asked for your personal verification code. This will be provided to you by the event organizer. Please reach out to the event organizer directly if you haven't received this code.

Step 3: start logging activities

Once you are connected with your event you can start entering activities. You can open the Connections section in your profile to connect your sodisp account with popular GPS devices and apps. Doing this has the benefit of automatically syncing your activities straight from the watch/app into your virtual event with no manual steps in between!

If the event allows, you can also do manual entry of your activities if you don't have, or don't want to use a GPS watch or app.